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Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your experience one to remember with these amazing souvenirS only available at the show!

Black Widow Light Spinner

Black Widow Light Spinner

The strength, agility, and speed of Black Widow rest in your hands! With a hit of a button, her power is released in a showcase of light and action that’s sure to take down any villain.


Spider-man Light Spinner

Spider-Man Light Spinner

Captain America Binoculars

Captain America Binoculars


Hero Trifecta

Avengers Assemble! Join Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor figurines to fight against evil. Your favourite Super Heroes are up for any adventure!



Captain America Bike

Vroom, Vroom! Captain America switches out his shield for a two-wheel ride. Overcoming any obstacle to save the day, Captain Americas bike is sure to get him to the action fast!



Captain America Snow Mug

Captain America Snow Mug

Recharge with the delicious frosty fun of a Captain America Mug and Spoon Straw! The chiseled Captain America mug features a handle accompanied by an iconic shield Spoon Straw. It’s the perfect keepsake for any day of heroic adventure!



Recharge with the delicious frosty fun of a Spider-Man Mug and Spoon Straw! Paired with Spider-Man slinging down the Spoon Straw, the Mug features the iconic spider mask ad handle. It’s the perfect keepsake for any day of heroic adventure!



Black Panther Plush

On the prowl, protecting his kingdom of Wakanda, the 10-inch Plush Black Panther is a master of action-packed fun and adventure!



Hulk Plush

HULK SMASH! Busting through walls of fun, this 18-inch Plush Hulk is sure to add to the adventure! But, don’t be intimidated by his size, his cotton interior makes the biggest Avenger a perfect companion.



Iron Man Plush

Thrusters. Check. J.A.R.V.I.S. Check. Infinite Adventure. Check. Plush Iron Man holds all the possibilities to dream up any feat! No matter the size, 18-inch Plush Iron Man will be there for any adventure.



Spider-Man Plush

Always ready to swing into action, Plush Spider-Man clings to any mission he can get! Whether it be jumping from building to building or running to class, Plush Spider-Man is up for anything!



Captain America Mission Glasses

LED-Lit, Captain America Light-Up glasses light the way for any mission! Whether trekking through mountains of snow or watching Marvel Universe LIVE!, these glasses are key to complete the mission!



Groot Mission Glasses

We left it up to Groot to describe his light-up glasses: “I am Groot. I am GROOT! I AM GROOT!” Couldn’t have said it better.


Iron Man Mission Glasses

Iron Man Mission Glasses

Designed by Mr. Stark himself, these glasses put you in the Iron- Man suit. With special light up abilities, it will feel like you’re on a mission with Jarvis in your ears on the other side of the world!


Marvel Universe Live! Hero Hat

Marvel Universe Live! Hero Hat

Feel the hero power from Marvel Universe LIVE! with the Hero Hat. Covered in the characters of the show, the Hero hat is the perfect souvenir. Take it home and channel the power of the heroes to fight off all evil!


Hoodie of Heroes

Hoodie of Heroes

Become your own hero in the Marvel Universe LIVE! Hoodie of Heroes. Channel the strength of Hulk, agility of Black Widow, and brains of Iron Man to become the best-dressed hero! Featured in multiple sizes, anyone can be a hero!


Marvel Universe Live! Program Book

Marvel Universe Live! Program Book

Remember all the action of Marvel Universe LIVE! with the jam-packed Program! Take home a bit of the action with pages filled with heroes, villains, and all the action in-between!



Hero Signal Card

A hero always helps, and we’re no exception. We hope your experience with us reveals our excellence in service and product. We are so confident in our souvenir products that we guarantee your purchase for two years. We greatly appreciate the feedback we receive from our toll-free number 24 hours a day, and via mail or email. All the information to reach out to us is shared in this Quality Assurance card you’ll get with your purchase.




  • All merchandise items are unique to the show and cannot be purchased anywhere else.
  • All items sold at Marvel Universe LIVE! are Marvel approved.
  • All items are manufactured under a Code of Conduct policy that ensures compliance with social responsibilities as to working conditions and labour laws.
  • Items are safety tested by accredited and independent laboratories and are in compliance with or exceed all national standards.
  • All items are supplied with a Quality Assurance card outlining our product guarantee.
  • For questions please contact our Quality Assurance Team at [email protected].