This show was amazing! We had a 5 year old at the show and he did not get bored at all. He sat in his chair all the time and didn't move even during intermission which he is known to do. It was enjoyable for the adults and children in our group. Thank you for putting on this type of show for all the super hero fans!

– Only5

What a Show!

Simply amazing show... kids were amazed!... Would see again!

– Lindsey

Would go again!

Let me just say I'm 25 and have NO kids and still went to this event with my boyfriend. We had front row seats and let me say the show was AWESOME! Really loved the variety of characters and the actors looked the part. Hope this comes back around with a different story line. I would buy front row seat tickets again!

– yessirrrr


My kids loved it! It was action packed and had every character in it you could ask for!

– Nickel11

Marvel Live Rocked!

This was the best arena show I've been to in a long time. Great sound, awesome special effects and the use of Marvel characters was especially surprising since they didn't stick to the usual suspects. Captain Marvel, Black Cat, Madame Hydra? I was pleasantly surprised.

– TM73


The show was amazing! The excitement in both my boys eyes said so much!

– Hill86

MarvelU was Outstanding

My boys (who ranged in age from 2, 9, 33 & 38) couldn't stop talking about the spectacular costumes and stunts they saw. The Hulk was so larger than life...they really loved it.

– MelloYello22

Great Time

This was an awesome event for all ages!!!! Very action packed!!

– mommyofasuperhero


Took my 7 year old daughter and 6 year old son. Both had a blast, Dad did as well. Special effects were spectacular, props were top notch, sets were beautifully constructed, and stunt sequences were awesome!!!!

– RobtimistPrime

Best Birthday Present

Bought tickets for my grandson's 2nd birthday. He truly enjoyed the characters and event.

– robledo

We went twice!

We went two times, simply fantastic!

– fdodelap2

Awesome Show!

This was an amazing show! My 4 year old son was intrigued the entire show and really into it. We enjoyed it as well. We would definitely go again. Effects were awesome.

– LilG2


This was amazing show for boys!! They go all out to make the kids happy and thats what i love.

– Pearl25

Really Awesome Show!

I didnt know what to expect but it was awesome! I loved everything about it. My son and his friend really enjoyed it.

– Stayce1

Marvel Live was an exciting, thrilling show!

Loved the show! Great action and stunts...great for the whole family, young to old!

– Awilly

Unforgettable experience

My 3 and 1 year old loved it! It was like a dream come true for my boys watching his favorite characters come to life.

– CaptinAmericanFan


Marvel Live was incredible! My boys loved it -- they left saying "this was the greatest day EVER!" It has everything to catch your interest -- motorcycles, stunts, action, graphics, etc. It was awesome!

– suezhomemaker


Unforgettable!!! Great action!! Lots of Great Visual effects!!!!

– sdamian

The Show was a Grand Slam!!!!!

The kids loved it and my husband did just as much! Full of action and entertainment. Almost missed out on going, called Ticketmaster the day of the event and they were able to find great, affordable seats.

– Netasunshine

The best show ever!

THE BEST SHOW EVER! Full of action. 10 thumbs up!!

– nfra1010

Total Awesome Family Event!

I took my son, mother and cousin to the show. It was very family-friendly and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We would definitely go again!

– Maxsmommy418

Fun for All

Marvel Universe Live was a blast for young and old. My 6-year-old son had such a great time and the kid in me did too. On the way home I was told I'm the "best dad ever" for taking him there - a memory I'll always cherish.

– Hatryk

Marvel Universe Live is a great show for kids!

Took my daughter (<10 years odl) to see the show for her birthday, and she totally loved it. She was very engrossed by the whole spectacle, and she truly appreciated the live-aspect of the show, versus watching one of the movies on the big screen. Plus, since you kind of have to use your imagination (slightly) for part of the show, it just clicks with kids, and they'll get a real kick out of the whole thing. Fans of the comics/movies can still appreciate the story as well, but I think it's more of a kid-type event.

– TheGhostRider750

Far exceeded expectations

I took my boys age 7 and 18 month along with my fiancées little brothers age 12 & 13... I think I enjoyed it the most... Absolutely better than anything I previewed online... I worried after watching YouTube it wasn't going to be worth the 40$ a piece I paid... I was pleasantly surprised... 40$ got us fantastic seats... The actors were very good, Spider-Man was an amazing gymnast... Lots of super cross style riding, and plenty of action... It was so good my 18 month old who doesn't sit for anything but good food, watched the entire show and actually tried to hit the bad guys from his seat... I would definetly recommend it for kids between 18 months and 15 years, and any adult who is a marvel fan.. My fiancée and I both were very happy with the experience and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it

– Bluemagik197

Marvel Universe Live! was AMAZING!!!

Marvel Universe Live! was AMAZING! From the action to the stunts and to the acting to the storyline, I was literally brought into the world of Marvel! Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

– ajllanes

Superheroes! What's not to get excited about!

Great show for both kids and adults! A lot of action!

– 311bumper


I'm a mom of 2 boys a 4 and a 2 year old and they loved it. My husband and I would take our boys again. Awesome show.

– Jesimor


It was fun and my little guy loved it. All the stunts and tricks were amazing.

– forjake

Everything a boy loves!

Lasers, smoke, fire, fireworks, motorcycles, hero's and villains this show has everything a little boy could ask for! I brought my 8 and 9 year old sons and they both loved it! Very well done and entertaining even for adults.

– kris82123

Marvel Universe is fun for all ages

I took my son and a friend to the Saturday morning show. It was great! The show is action packed from the get-go. There are cool effects and the motorcycle stuns are awesome. Even the little break part way into the show is good timing. I hope they keep doing this because my son is already asking if we can go again next year.

– WonderValleyGuy

very entertaining

I was not sure what to expect for this show but it exceeded my expectations! Amazing stunts and special effects. We took our 8 year old nephew who loved the show. Would definitely recommend this show to Avenger fans if all ages.

– camfam4

Marvel Universe was entertaining

I thought the whole show was great. The lights special effects story line and motorcycles were AWESOME!

– ccunha71

Beyond AMAZING! !!!!!

The show was such an amazing experience! If you are a marvel fan no matter what age you are It's a Must See!! EVERY minute was worth it! ! The actors were outstanding!! The story over all was great! Everything me and the boyfriend expected as Marvel Fans!! I will definitely watch it again & can't wait to do so!!!!

– JsRabbit

Better than expected

Marvel Universe was pretty awesome. Definitely better than I expected. Took my 3 boys, ages 7, 5, and 3 and they were amazed. Show had them at the edge of their seat. There were more characters than I thought too. I would recommend the show and would take my boys again.

– Stephizzle

Marvel Universe Live

My husband, brother and my son's Nina took my son as a surprise. Oh man did he LOVE the show. It was action packed, we loved that they had all the characters in the show. As my son kept saying "his mind was blown away!" Thank you putting on such an entertaining show!

– lpelae01

Fantastic show, great for all ages!

My Husband and I took our niece - she's a huge Spidy and Hulk fan - to see Marvel Universe LIVE! We had seats in the 2nd row - a little pricey, but let me just say it was worth it!! The production crew did a fantastic job... the props, special effect and actors was just a joy to experience! Would certainly recommend for anyone that enjoys the Marvel franchise!

– Virdman

Marvelous Marvel!

I am a 67 yr old woman who loves all things Marvel. I took my 10 yr old Granddaughter to see this performance and was not disappointed. The show is full of action and includes the characters from X-Men and The Avengers both good and evil. We had a good time and would do it again if the opportunity presented itself.

– SmartyJ

Simply Marvelous-a great time for kids

I took my girls, yes girls and they had a blast from 5 to 16.

– Emlyn65